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opponents look good. otherwise, they don't want to go alg wi you he has to get some allies on the republican side so that everybody comes out looking good, not bad. >> there has been some wobbling. >> the unity has been on the part of the democrats. that is one of the reasons john boehner wants to get people out of town, so they are not talking to the press. the most interesting number as far as the fiscal situation in that "wall street journal" poll was the 61% of rublians are willing to set higher tax rates if it means avoiding the fiscal cliff. at billy does strengthen the president's had even more. >> is boehner's job in trouble? >> i don't think so, but you cannot tell with that caucus. >> why wouldn't republicans and markets -- republicans and democrats not look at this as an opportunity to do something people would appreciate? >> because the ground was not later the public does not reize werio this is, because obama did a poor job of telling them as president of united states. all republicans seem to be doing is defending rich people. the ground has not been allayed. maybe out of this
the cloud mass is moving alg the atltic cot. on christmas day we found more. severe weather outbreaks. let's go to a video from there. a violent winter storm battered the u.s. on christmas day spawning numerous tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in the southern states. a tornado struck mobile, alabama, causing widespread power outages and damaging structures. the storm triggered rare heavy christmas snow. serious car accidents have been report eed and a thousand fligh cancelled. the death toll has risen to six. let's pull you back to show you that this storm system is still sitting here. it's around virginia as we speak moving and migrating to the new england states. for your snow forecast it's about 60 centimeters in areas including up state new york, ontario and much of the new england states as it moves towards the area. also freezing rain will be on tap for you across the region. that's going to bring more travel hazards. also gusts are strong. so both combined with the snow will bring you blizzard conditions. we'll have to wait a while until the system pulls away. more than 200,000 pe
phrase i helped to push at alg. >> obama and other decrats need to n the war on successful americans. the plan is more than hate to the rich. >> you understand that obama is the owner of the country financial future. lou: day q4 being with us. baby it is cold outside. staten island knows it because soon they will feel it. bundle up once the temporary housing goes the chance to feel the season begins. i am neieil cavuto and those senators heaping prae had to know of the fast proaing -- approaching deadline this week a heap of trouble that did not stop politicians from heaping praise on those victims. >> the federal government sponded promptly and decisively. >> response has been robust. >> thank you for being such a strong leader. >> i am grateful f the productive conversations we have had. >> complement our e emergency responders they did an incredible job. neil: bidding aside the idiocy oo these remarks but the incredibly bad timing for thousands of out homes better in hotels and temporary housing. we hear th a government will take the punch bowl away when the shelter cove
>> se busco en terrenos confi a confiscados y encontraron alg algunos cuyas identidades se s desconocen >> no tenemmos la oportunidad de identificar cuerpos porque fu fueron deshechos en acido y es i cientificamente imposible ide i identificar un cuerpo >> una limitante que puede pr prologngar la sosobra de esta j mujer quien no se cansa de rec recoger lreco recorrer los predios >> la autoridades no hacen nada >> los restos serÁn analizados para ver si les pueden extraer e el and y pdodrian ser comparado, uno en la procuraderia. >> tenemos mÁs informaciÓn ge r generada en mÉxico, unos tax taxistas se enfrntaron con todo en michoacan, destruyeron 3 a autos a balazos y la policÍa v tuvo que intervenir, la guerra callejera dejo un saldo de 3 personas heridas, >> para despedirse de su mandto el pdresidente calderÓn se dio n gusto deslizandose con este ap a aparato, lo hizo 2 veces en un parque urbano que inaguro en el distrito federal. >> divertido el final, esto por mi parte, regreso con ustedes >> gracias por la informaciÓn e desde la ciudad de mÉxico, por una inf
alg bit of a recovery in the u.s., up until this point. and people have been feeling more positive. but if you look at the retail numbers and you look at the people going to the shops, something happens. they're not that confident any more. and i think something has -- this fiscal cliff has something to do about it. but people are scared in the u.s. right now. you increase their taxes, increase their savings, i'm not saying it's a bad thing for them, but it's a bad thing for the economy. >> so you're saying this has caught on now. it was a while before consumers didn't get the fiscal cliff idea. we are getting closer to the worst case scenario and you're saying it's timely caught on with main street. >> we're talking about money. money is is 00% emotional. put those two together and all of a sudden people get protective. as a result, they will begin to save and not spend. we need people to spend money. we need people to buy things .right now, the responsibility thing for the americans to do is not to do that until this gets resolved. >> ralph, you're with us for the full hour. fant
. >> every day must be like a salt course. >> it is. this guy turns green. the reason is, alge grows on their fur and he looks like a big blob of moss in the junkel. bees -- when he gets big, his fur is so thick, the bees cannot penetrate the fur when they attack him when he's eating the honey. >> this is our final one. i like this. what is it doing? >> that's just a little dirt. >> are you sure? >> it's not having a -- >> no, it's the dirt he lives in. >> this is a toad that came over from south america. we brought him here to control the rodents in the sugar cane fields of miami. the problem is, they came back like mice. you see this, this is toxic poison. dogs eat them they won't survive, it's neurotoxic poison. he blows up like this to protect himself. see that? >> yeah. >> should explode all over your face in a second. >> what! >> just kidding. sometimes harvey stays in tubs as well. >> fantastic. >> what's this. >> stay over here. >> keep his head this way. >> you remember we talked about the anaconda? >> is this an anaconda? >> you saw that one that almost bit me? >> you have
alg route 197 in laurel. police say two people were ejected from their vehicle after the driver lost control. that shut down route 197 for hours. one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >>> this morning, d.c. police are trying to figure out what led to a stabbing in front of the australian embassy. this happened just after 10:00 last night, just near scotts circle. police tell us a man was stabbed in the side and was conscious and breathing when they arrived. he was taken to george washington hospital where he is in critical condition. no word this morning on if police have made any arrests. >>> a developing story now out of egypt at 6:45. at least five people have been killed in the streets of cairo after more clashes overnight in front of the pals will of president mohamed morsi. last night, the city saw the worst violence since last month when morsi announced near absolute power. the conflict continues over the proposed constitution drafted by morsi's allies. many fear it would revert the country. >>> the threat of chemical weapons in syria becomes mor
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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